Responses, Richard A Harvey

Written for the Edge's inaugural concert, the piece uses two soprano saxophones, mixed chorus, organ and percussion. Harvey writes:

"This is a short piece. What it's about is largely up to you. Responses was the working title, chosen for the anticipated effects of this 500 year old interior as it plays deliciously with the lines, phrases and transients of the music, so no, not an attempt at a liturgical reference.

Secondly, it was a response to the work's performers and dedicatees, a unique ensemble, unique people. these performers will respond to each other from different parts of the building without line of sight, using their ears, sensitivity and imagination.

I cannot write of any musical/intellectual construct as the piece was written 'from the heart' in the same way as a poet might improvise a poem based on their response to a scene or situation, perhaps recording it as he or she speaks and then writing it down later without changing a word. Tonally, it builds itself around a psalm-like five note phrase from the two soprano saxophones (my bless'd pair of sirens!) with accompanying textural drones based on those same notes. "